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Smart Falcon – Autonomous Data Collection Platform

This project is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms and the Republic of Lithuania, under the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs program.

The project is implemented by AISPECO, UAB – Lithuania, together with the partner eSmart Systems AS, which is headquartered in Norway. AISPECO is focusing on the production of sensor systems for monitoring the infrastructure of electrical networks. The main specialization is systems for aerial monitoring and are usually mounted on helicopters. eSmart Systems – develops and provides next-generation software solutions for power line monitoring, network maintenance planning and energy flexibility optimization. Artificial intelligence solutions provide services to energy companies around the world, save costs and extend safe infrastructure usage times.

The project will develop a new generation autonomous data collection platform SMART FALCON. It is a powerful but highly miniaturized sensor control and operation system that can be mounted on a fast-moving or flying object (car, helicopter, drone). The operating system will be based on artificial intelligence that will analyze the collected data in real or near real time, identifying possible operator errors (eg the system moved too fast so the photo is out of focus), sensor errors (camera failed to activate in time), navigation errors (object is not in the photo), etc., and will ensure optimal quality control in real time.

This system consists of two essential components that can be commercialized separately and together.

1. A powerful but highly miniaturized sensor system with robotic camera controls (Applicant’s part)

2. Artificial intelligence software that performs sensor data analysis and predicts appropriate parameters (Partner Part)

SMART FALCON will allow customers to reduce flight costs by about 30% (such losses are incurred due to improper flight or unnoticed sensor errors when re-flight is required), better image and data collection quality, system will automate part of the operator’s work, less human resources will be required.

Project duration – 33 months. It will be finished 2024-04-30.

More information about the project can be given by: Mantas Vaskela, CEO, [email protected]

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