Use Cases

City Mapping

Advance configuration

City mapping requires high accuracy. AISPECO systems can be fitted with powerful LiDARs and can be fitted to both fixedwing and rotary wing aircraft. The system is small enough to be fitted in the adaptable nose of a DA42 or the wing pod of a Cessna 172/182/206, as well as  on a pole mount for AS350family helicopters. Our systems can be configured with stabilized nadir or 4 band nadir + oblique options for the most efficient city mapping jobs.  


Unique light aircraft gimbal solution is the only one of its kind in the world

Forward and backward nadir lidar options are available, as well as 360 lidars which are usable in both mobile mapping and aerial environments

Oblique cameras can be fitted in variety of patterns, including forward and backward nadir or 5-camera web options for efficient mapping