For Airplanes

AISPECO’s lite sensors pod is the only solution on the market featuring both cameras and stabilizers for light airplanes like Cessna or helicopters like Robinson. 

Ranging from most simplistic configurations (optical camera with positioning unit) to LiDAR (like Riegl VQ580 II-S) with optical camera or stabilized kit (SOMAG CSM40 with camera) our systems are used for for aerial inspection, surveying, and/or mapping purposes.  

For Cessna 172/182/206 series two pods can be fitted, with stabilized camera and LiDAR options available, making this the only solution on the market where the full grade of survey instruments is available on a non-modified airplane.  

For larger aircraft AISPECO pods can be configured to fit hole-in-a-fuselage or adaptive nose type installations. Since all modifications are custom, please contact us for more information. 

Any helicopter installation can be transformed into airplane installation and vice versa.  


No aircraft modification required

Easy installation/easy removal for overnight without loss of boresight calibration

Ability to upgrade/change/retrofit sensors. AISPECO systems are compatible with all AISPECO and partner products and can be changed by the user themselves.

Further, All AISPECO systems can be outfitted with additional aircraft holders and transformed between helicopter/airplane/vehicle with minimal modifications.

Supported aircraft/helicopter types (nose mount, wing strut, hole in fuselage)