Wide area surveying

Efficient survey

Topographical surveying ranges from country-wide data collection to small specific applications like coastal surveys. Modular, swappable equipment allows survey companies to stretch their investments further by taking on more projects, reducing capital costs, and using their staff and equipment more efficiently 


AISPECO provides the only solution on the market featuring both cameras AND stabilizers on the wing of a Cessna 172/182/206 aircraft. This provides an equalimage overlap and footprint from a non-modified aircraft available anywhere in the world. A secondary pod can be fitted with LiDAR to add an extra dimension to your data, making this solution the only one on the market where the full grade of survey instruments is available on a non-modified aircraft.  


Easy-mount solution can be ready to fly in 2-3 hours

Wide range of sensors available in both stabilized and non-stabilized options

Universal mounting can be used on light aircraft, helicopters and survey-modified aircraft alike

Flexible FMS allows for single operator to work with up to 9 different sensors at the same time